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2nd String Sunday School Teacher

July 05 2016
July 05 2016

2nd String


I occasionally substitute teach a Sunday school class at Citychurch.  When I do, I usually teach the 10 - 13 year old boys.  That group is one of our more rambunctious groups and requires a certain type of teacher.  Currently there are about 15 boys, and our class is growing. Most of these boys live in a home without a reliable father figure in the picture. Each of them are trying to grow up and find their way in the world.  Many of them struggle with problems I never previously associated with being a kid.

The struggles that they face leave these boys feeling powerless.  Occasionally they witness domestic violence, or a parent that struggles with drug abuse.  Sometimes they have to wear dirty clothes, or shoes with holes in the toes. They know that they are poor, and they don't like it any more than you or I would.  Sometimes they are left at home all day to look after all of their siblings.  Or they are brought to sit on the corner while their mother panhandles for money......  All of this affects how they feel.

The boys always seem to be trying to jockey for power.  Whether it's competing at sports or in a social setting; it is always a competition.  They may razz on the new guy, and many games include a shoving match or two. These boys compete with eachother because it's a small sliver of control. They control what they can and constantly compete for more power.  The chaotic nature of this group is enough to fluster even some of our most seasoned volunteers.  It would be very easy to look at this group and write them off.

I feel drawn to this group because I have learned to see these boys in a different light.  When I initially started teaching them I saw them as disrespectful and boisterous, but then I got to know them.  I have learned how to stay ahead of the curve and be the one who controls the group.  No longer do I see their outbursts as personal attacks, but rather I see them as cries for help.  Now I see young men with so many questions and no one giving them any solutions.  And while I have never had to experience many of the struggles that they deal with; through personal friendships I have been able to help them see God's love in the dark times.  Now when one of the boys is disrespectful I try to figure out what in their life is bothering them.  They may give me the cold shoulder, but thats ok.   I know that I have seen so much progress, and that God will continue to bless this group of boys.  As I continue to teach, (hopefully) they can experience the Lord's blessing in their lives.  Hopefully I can serve as an exapmple of how to be a man of God survives the chaos.


Justin Wood

Citychurch McKinney


Boys Class Boys



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