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be a christmas angel and GIVE WITH A PURPOSE

Citychurch knows that the heart of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ!  With every passing year we see the message of Jesus Christ being watered down and commercialized more than ever before.

The message we are given takes the focus of Jesus, and places it on "THINGS".  The problem with the message of “things” is that most things are temporary, things break, and given enough time, all things wear out... THE MESSAGE OF JESUS IS EVERLASTING. It brings hope to the hopeless, it restores faith to those who have lost faith and it brings love to everyone it encounters. The message of Jesus is the message Citychurch promisies to share this year and every year!



  • You can help provide warm clothes for a less-fortunate child this Christmas.

  • Fully sponsor a child for Christmas.

  • Each child will receive a new hoodie, sweat pants, shirt, blanket and much more in their Christmas box.

  • Donations can be made via MAIL or through PAYPAL


Sponsor a child Today