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We are a youth outreach ministry on the east side of McKinney, Texas. Citychurch is a family oriented 501(C)3 ministry whose desire is to see families prosper both physically and spiritually.

Citychurch is a completely independent non-profit organization dedicated to spending 100% of donations on serving our community. We completely rely on the Grace of God and donor giving for support.​


Our Mission Statement

We are committed to transforming the disadvantaged neighborhoods of our city by making a long term commitment to the children and showing them a pathway to a life of success. We do this by bringing the love through the word of God and hope of Christ. We are committed to the principle that God has a great purpose for every child regardless of their geographical location, financial status, religious affiliation, race or culture.


1. Meet The Need: 

  • Provide nutritious meals at no cost at all events.

  • Provide clothing, shoes, and school supplies as needed.

  • Provide a weekly schedule of Bible instruction.

2. Go To Those With The Greatest Need First:

  • Children with the greatest need come first.

  • We provide free transportation to and from all of our events.

3. Build Youth With Character & Integrity:

  • Teach Christlike virtues (honesty, diligence, hard work, compassion, faithfulness, loyalty, and respect)

  • Provide practical instruction concerning personal relationships and boundaries.

  • Provide job skills training and encourage education in the field of interest and ability of each child.

4. Educate & Recruit

  • We educate churches, businesses, and individuals concerning the needs, developing resources, and recruiting volunteers to serve the disadvantaged areas of our city.




  • We believe in one God who is the creator of all things. (Gen 1:1)

  • We believe in the Holy Trinity: Father, Spirit, and Son. (2 Cor 13:14)

  • We believe that all biblical scripture is from God. (2 Tim 3:16)

  • We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the only means of atonement. (John 1:14 & 1 John 2:2)



Citychurch McKinney began in 2009, as a small group of families doing community outreach events.  


We grew from a handful of students to a group that works with over 150 students throughout the year. 


Our goal is to develop relationships with our community so that we can bring a lasting change to their lives.

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