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Blessing Boxes

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Blessing Boxes

     Have you ever felt the urge to give back to others? To do some good in the world? Well here's your opportunity! Every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, hundreds of volunteers come together to bless local families with everything they need for a full Thanksgiving meal. Churches, businesses and individuals all work side-by-side to bless the less fortunate for the holidays. This November we will pack and hand deliver over 275 Thanksgiving Boxes. We need the support of people like you to keep the blessing going! 



November 18

9:30 AM


Old Settlers Rec. Center

1201 E Louisiana St, McKinney


We will pack and deliver over 275 Blessing Boxes. Each box will include everything a family needs for a full Thanksgiving meal!


The many ways you can help: 

Sign up as a volunteer!

Sponsor a box!

Donate in-kind!

Tell a friend!

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Register To Volunteer!

You're all set! We will contact you before the event with more details!


Where We Started 

     This event is so cool when you know the history of where it started. When we did the first Thanksgiving Blessing Boxes, we never knew how big it would become. It started in 2009 with 10 boxes that we packed in our living room. The next year we had grown to around 25 boxes. Over the next 14 years we have grown to almost 300 boxes each Thanksgiving, feeding over 1200 people! We had to move from our house, to our warehouse, and eventually to the rec. center to accommodate all of the volunteers and boxes! This event is a testament to the fact that God will bless good things done in his name.

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Donate Today

     You can sponsor a box and feed a local family this Thanksgiving! Each box costs about $50 to fill. When you sponsor a box, you are making an important impact in the lives of those less fortunate than you. Share your blessings and feed a family in need this holiday season!

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