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A Driving Force

It all started with a simple question. I asked one of the teens, “Do you have your driver’s license yet?” She told me no, she didn’t know how to drive. Then with a million dollar smile on her face she asked “will you teach me?” No sooner did the word “yes” come out of my mouth than I heard another teen ask if I would teach her too. It didn’t stop there either, before I knew it I had agreed to teach 4 teen girls to drive. Yes, you read that correctly, I “agreed” to teach 4 teen girls to drive.

I contacted the parents to make sure they were ok with the idea, and off we went in search of a vacant parking lot. I wish I could accurately describe the nervous enthusiasm and excitement coming from the girls, it was beautiful to say the least.

Rapid conversations between the girls were in full swing before the lesson had even begun. It all centered around the “possibilities” of what was to come after they had their licenses. They discussed joining after school sports, going on various trips and especially the ability to get jobs. They even talked about taking over driving the church vans someday.

On A Roll

Our lessons are going great, everyone is progressing fast. We are making good use of the time behind the wheel to discuss many of life’s issues. We discuss everything from boyfriends to future careers and everything in between. I find myself handing out fatherly advice fairly often, probably more than the girls want to hear. As crazy as this all sounds giving driving lessons has been a great experience for the girls and myself. I’m sure I’ve learned as much from them as they have learned from me. My wife says she can’t tell who’s enjoying it more, me or the girls. I’m definitely glad I asked that one simple question.

Kelly Wood


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