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  • Jennifer Baker

Citychurch's Growing Congregation!

After discovering Citychurch almost a year ago it’s evident that they are changing lives. Week after week, youth from all over McKinney eagerly enter their doors because of what they have going on. What Citychurch does best is they are a ministry centered on Jesus that operates as a family. From the moment you enter the doors you witness a group who truly love and support one another.

While many ministries are closing or reducing their youth ministries because of low attendance, Citychurch continues to grow. The kids are enthusiastic about coming, not only to be around their church family but to also grow in their faith. They love to Pray, participate in the teachings, and be in a safe environment. The amazing part is that each week they are bringing their friends with them. In our small groups we’re able to have in-depth discussions about the bible that make it practical. The goal for Wednesday night is to equip the youth with the tools to be disciples that can impact the community.

First Century Church

Much of what we see happening at Citychurch reflects what we read in Acts 2:42-47. It’s a group of people coming together to spread the love of Jesus with others through fellowship. This is how a youth ministry operates, by meeting students where they are and partnering with them.

Through the help of our donors we’re able to provide resources and opportunities to our youth that they wouldn’t have otherwise. If you’re interested in experiencing this amazing Ministry join us on Wednesdays starting at 5:30 PM.

Jennifer Baker

Communications Director

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