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The Man Who Inspired Citychurch McKinney

On December 19, 2009 a great man from Amarillo, Texas passed away at the age of 57. he had lost his battle with leukemia. His name was pastor Don Lane. Pastor Lane was the founder and head pastor of the original Citychurch in Amarillo.

He believed from a very young age that preaching the Gospel in rough and forgotten neighborhoods was his one and only true calling. He and his family started an inner-city ministry while living in relative poverty. Inner-city churches are rarely if ever profitable enterprises, but the Lane family remained steadfast.

They fought through economic hardships and the crushing reality of the terminal illness that plagued the pastor, all while trusting God and building an impressive ministry. Don Lane's legacy stands as being the founder of a ministry that serves around 100,000 hot lunches to

at-risk youth each summer.

All three of his children and their families continue in the family tradition of ministry to this day. Citychurch in Amarillo is now led by his son, Donnie is still going strong. His daughter Anna and her family founded Mission OKC in 2011, which ministers to children & families in low-income areas of Oklahoma City. His other son James works with Wycliffe Bible Translators in North Carolina.

The extent of Don Lane's impact on the world reaches far beyond his grave. He raised a wonderful family who have continued on in his footsteps, and inspired multiple Citychurch organizations around the country.

Justin Wood


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